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For eye protection or fashion, your pet deserves the very best! Originalz offer 100% UV protection, shatterproof and anti-fog lenses.  Originalz style is the style that started it all.  This style has a full frame and fixed lenses (not interchangeable or replaceable).  The lens cup is more suited to dogs with less protruding eyes and eyes that are closer together.

Whether your best friend accompanies you on a motorcycle ride, hangs their head out of the truck, loves to sunbathe, or is sensitive to light, Doggles will be sure to keep their peepers safe! You can rest assured that they are safe, and they'll love the extra attention.

Note: We have lots of colors available at the shop! Please contact us for options. 

Size       Weight of Dog, Head Strap and Chin Strap, Breed Example

Small      9 - 25 lbs      12 - 20 inches    4 - 8 inches
              4 - 12 kgs      30 - 50 cm        10 - 20 cm
              Breed example: Beagle, Westie, Jack Russell

Medium   20 - 60 lbs     15 - 25 inches   5 - 11 inches
               9 - 27 kgs      38 - 63 cm        13 - 28 cm
              Breed example: Aussie, Border Collie

Large      50 - 100 lbs    18 - 30 inches    6 - 15 inches
              22 - 45 kgs     46 - 76 cm         15 - 38 cm
              Breed example: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever

Size      Lens*            Nose*         Height*         Depth*

SM   4.75in/12.1cm   .25in/.6cm   1.33in/3.4cm   .75in/1.9cm

MD   5.25in/13.3cm   .5in/1.3cm   1.5in/3.8cm      1in/2.5cm

LG   6in/15.2cm         .5in/1.3cm    1.75in/4.4cm   1in/2.5cm

*Lens is the measurement from one corner of the frame to the other (corner of eye to corner of eye).

Nose is the length of nose bridge. Height is the height of the lens. Depth is the depth of the lens cup.